Saturday, April 27, 2013


Life is Great!
My hubby and I went to Southlake, Texas today to the Art Festival.
WOW!! lots of talent at this show. The BEST is.......I got to meet my Favorite Artist, Lynden St. Victor in person.  He is one talented artist.  YES, I bought another one of his works of art. I bought Sweet Dreams. Can you tell I'm in Heaven right now?  I will never forget this day and how Happy I am.

I took my SpiderLilly doll with me to show him. He loved her. I still have a few touches to add to her.  I need to define her fingernails, top stitch her jacket and a few other touch ups. By the way SpiderLilly was thrilled to met the artist also. :-) As some of you know our dolls do talk to us. :-) Yes, they do. :-)

Looking forward to working on another doll. This is one day I will never forget.  My thoughts are beon my dreams.

I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CAMERA. Can you beleive that????  I was so excited about getting to the Art Festival of course I forgot something. LOL! My hubby took some pictures of me and SpiderLilly with Vic.  He had his cell phone with him. They came out really light but think I can make them darker when Ken sends them to my computer.  Vic took pics of me and SpiderLilly and will send them to me. 





Kai said...

I'm so GLAD you had a great time, Lil' Frannie! It's FUN meeting people we have admired from afar!!! I want to meet YOU!!! LOVE YOU & I'm eager to see the pictures!

michelle said...

Hi Fran! I am your nest swap partner! So sorry I haven't contacted you before! My email is
I have my swap ready, I was just lazy about getting in touch! Let me know your address so I can get it in the mail this week. Love your dolls!

Lisa said...

Fran! I was at the Southlake Art Festival on Saturday! It was a last minute thing. I was shopping in Dallas with some friends and went to visit my cousin who lives in Southlake. We walked around all day and had a fabulous time.
If you end up coming to the Doll Conference in Tulsa, hopefully we will meet in person then.