Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in awhile.  Been busy doing this and that, going here and there.
I hope to post a new picture or two tomorrow.  Will take pics of my back yard with the roses and the 2 trees we planted.  The wind blew the roses off.  Got some new buds that will be openning soon.  My husband brought Mr. Lincoln rose bush home a couple of days ago. Mr. Lincoln makes the biggest prettiest red roses ever.  We had a Mr. Lincoln Rose Bush when we lived in Las Vegas.  I hated having to leave all my pretty rose bushes BUT now I have new ones.

The weather is BEAUTIFUL here in Texas.  Later this week it's suppose to rain. UGH!  DON'T LIKE TEXAS STORMS!!!

Going to go watch some TV and Plan out what I'm going to do tomorrow. :-) Which will be today when you read this. :-)
Have A Great Day Creating,

"Dolls Are My Canvas Within My Soul" 1996-2013
Fran Parrigan-Meehan

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Kai said...

Hi, Frannie! How ARE you? I keep FORGETTING you're here in Texas! COME ON OVER!!!! VISIT ME! I think of you SO many times & I'm a bad friend for forgetting to check in. You'll do GREAT with the Weight Watchers! YOU WILL! I'm not on WW but I've lost a bunch since last year this time. I'm ALMOST at my 120 pound goal. Started at 260. Ugh! I feel lots better. And - surprise - for the first time I did it SENSIBLY! LOL! ME??? Sensible? Yep. I need to go through your blog and catch up, so don't be surprised if you are bombarded with comments in the next week or so. LOOOOOOVE YOU!