Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well, I've been away from the computer the last couple of days EXCEPT for last night when I vote for American Idol. :-)  

Haven't been feel well. GEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ!!!  I'm a bit sick of not feeling well from one thing or the other.  Sure hope this spell ends soon.  Must be on it's way Because I do feel better today.
Hope I even feel better tomorrow.  

Didn't go to Weight Watchers YET AGAIN past Tuesday.  Hopefully I can go this coming Tuesday.

Almost sounds like I have a problem when it's time to go to Weight Watchers.  LOL LOL Well, at least has been the past few weeks.  MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!  NO, nothing to do with not wanting to go and weigh in.  At least I hope it doesn't. LOL LOL!  NO it doesn't .  Just kidding around.  

The boys (2 of our sons) will be here Saturday to put the wood flooring in the Guest Room.  WOOOOHOOOO!! I WILL BE SO GLAD WHEN THAT FLOOR IS IN.  It's been put off too many times.  It's the last floor we will be doing.  UNLESS I CAN get my hubby to give in and take the carpet out of his office and put the wood flooring in.  He likes carpet.  He's not suppose to have carpet in the house because of allergies, his lungs, etc.   You know how men are.  :-)  Gotta Love Em.
I won't get another cat now that ours passed away because he's allergic to cats.  Me too but I LOVE CATS.   I MISS MY CAT. 

Going to work on a couple of new patterns I NEED to finish.  Fingers Crossed I don't get under the weather anymore.  I HATE being sick/not feeling good.   

Any how, it will be good to work on something creative tomorrow.  Although I did do a drawing on canvas today while sitting around.  I just have to add color and other textures to it. 

Everyone Have A Wonderful Creative Day Or Evening,
"Dolls Are My Canvas Within My Soul" 1996-2013

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