Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I didn't go to Weight Watchers today.  Didn't feel good.  Had a headache and nose hurts.  ALLERGIES are BAD right now. UGH!!  Seems like there's something all the time to keep me from creating and going to WW.  OH WELL!!  NOPE didn't weigh at home either.  Scared to. LOL LOL!!
Will wait until next week to weigh in at Weight Watchers. 

I did work on a new creation for 3 days just to have it broken by me.  I took it out of my oven and dropped it and IT BROKE IN PIECES!!!!!!!!!! I was and am so upset over that one.  Should have left it in the oven to cool instead of taking it out to cool. OH WELL!! Will just start another one. That's all I can do at this point.  WHAT A WASTE OF 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!  Lesson learned!!! DO NOT TAKE PIECE OUT OF OVEN UNTIL COOL AND HANG ON TO IT FOR DEAR LIFE!!! 
Better Laugh Than CRY!!!! MMMMMMMM!! I started to but didn't. 

We have 2 of our kids dogs for the week.  They are the best dogs I have ever seen. They don't even bark at the neighbors dogs when we let them in the back yard.  The neighbors dogs are at the fence barking and barking and barking at Daisy & Kinzy and they don't bark at those dogs. They look at me and then look over at the fence where those dogs are and then look at me again. LOL LOL They really are good dogs.  I'm not a dog person but Kinzy & Daisy are the BEST DOGS EVER.  I have never seen such good dogs ever.  They go home when their family comes home Sunday.  I have to say I will miss them being around.  I'm a cat person and I really really really miss my cat, KAT.  

Got a couple of write ups to do for a couple of sites.  At least I can't break paper and pen. LOL LOL!!! 

More Later,

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Rhissanna said...

Oh no! I'm sorry about the doll. Three days of work. Heck, I'd cry!

Those do sound like nice dogs. I have to admit, I was a cat person, through and through, until I took in a stray dog. She's a sweetheart and yes, I can now say I'm both!