Friday, March 09, 2012



It's 2 1/2 hours before Midnight.  Hopefully I will be in bed by then. LOL!! I'm trying to get some work finished on a doll but not sure if it's going to happen or not tonight.  My eyes are already getting heavy.  Nope caffeine won't help.  Caffeine doesn't keep me awake.  Never has and probably never will. 
Got a body cooking in the oven. NOW NOW!! Don't get excited.....It's a clay doll body.  I was watching TV with my Hubby and I was sculpting a little doll body.  Just the torso.  Still have to sculpt arms, legs and head.  I have to stop at Michael's tomorrow and get some supplies I need to finish her.
SUPPOSE TO RAIN ALL DAY TOMORROW.  I HOPE NOT!!   Going to a friends house for a Play Day.  Several of us get together and work on our dolls or whatever else we want to work on.  We have a great time.  Not sure what I'm taking to work on yet.  Maybe I'll take a cloth body to stuff with fiberfill, some decorative papers, modpodge and other stuff to finish her with.  She'll have a clay face with cloth over. Color in face features, etc.  Don't think I'll finish her but will get a good start on her.  She will be a doll for Teaching Proposal unless I change my mind about teaching her. Although she would be a great doll to teach.  I sold one similar to her for $250 a couple  of years ago. I won't be selling this doll or her pattern because she will be a doll that I will teach from time to time.   See I told you I was tried.  I keep rattling on and on.  OK it's time for me to get off here and go get the doll body out of the oven.  I just heard the timer go off. 

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