Saturday, November 01, 2008


Here's a couple of pictures of my grandson Cain dressed as the Joker last night Trick or Treating.

The mask he is holding in front of his face is a sucker grandma and grandpa bought him for Halloween. It's a Strawberry sucker, should last him awhile. O! MY! he got loads and loads of candy. I think he went every where. LOL LOL The best was when he went to one house, the man ran out of candy and gave him a dollar. :-)

We had lots of Trick or Treaters last night. The best costume besides my grandson Cain :-) was "Jack In The Box" It was FANTASTIC. I laughed this litttle boy about 3 years old was dressed as a policeman and his daddy was dressed in a orange prison jump suit. LOL
Love & Hugs

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Susan said...

Love the costume! Had to laugh, my hubby already had dollar bills ready in case we ran out of candy. It didn't quite come to that. We had some cute little ones also. Take care. Susan