Thursday, October 23, 2008




I made Victoria WInter for the Holiday Seasons. She's hanging on the wall in my Studio right now BUT she will hang in my Living Room when I decorate for Christmas. Actually she could hang year round. MMMMMMMMMM!! maybe she will hang in my living room wall year round.
I'll be making more of her for the Holidays and sell them in my Perfume Shop.

Her face is a sculpt I did last year or maybe 2 years. Any how, her face is sculpted out of Pro Sculpt clay. I painted her face features. Her face is probably going to be a new pressmold as soon as I send her to Master Mold Maker Jeff. I'm so slow about doing anything anymore. There will be a body pattern and clothing for her also. The Pattern will be for a Litttle Girl Doll and not the Holiday Hanging. A THOUGHT!!! I guess I could put the Holiday Hanging instructions in with the Doll pattern as an Extra Bonus. I'll have to think on this one. :-)

OOOOOOO! My Studio is clean .......Well, it was until I started working on Victoria Winter and some other things. LOL LOL
Love & Hugs


Patti LaValley said...

Gorgeous doll!

fireflyy said...

What a delightful piece of wall art. I agree she should hang year round!


vivian said...

yeah for a clean studio all fresh and ready to be messed up again!! and victoria Winter is just delightful! your are so talented!

Yvette said...

She is beautiful!!!
I also think that she should hang all year. She has such a beautiful face.

Have fun cleaning your studio!! :o)

barbara burkard said...

she is lovely!!! i showed her to my sweet violette and told her she was her sister...hee hee! (although V. stated that SHE was the pretty

(p.s. i tagged you)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, very pretty face and I love her design and her hat and also think she could hang all year round, she is lovely Fran!!

Susan said...

She is lovely. Your sculpting skills are rockin'! Take care.

Fran said...

Thank You All for you wonderful comments about Victoria Winter. I really appreciate your comments.

Glittering threads on the wind said...

awesome Fran, she is just awesome.

Natalie said...

OH Fran,

She is Gorgeous!!!
I hope you do make some of these beauties up and sell them at the perfume shop.

Love Ya,