Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Look how large some of my roses are in November. When it's cooler in Vegas the roses show it proudly BUT when it's HOT they don't like Vegas Heat; they get much smaller. My white roses never open all the way EXCEPT for now. I kept looking at them on my rose bushes and I had to go cut them and show them off. I have had them in my house for 4 days now and they are still BEAUTIFUL!!! They smell so sweet. **Click on the picture of my roses and it will enlarge. You will see small drops of rain on them. We had a small shower before I went outside to cut them. That's another thing we don't see much of "RAIN".

All my rose bushes are blooming right now. Lots of new growth going on. We usually get roses for Christmas. I'm hoping for a vase full at Christmas.

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Susan said...

You are so right! These are beautiful. Take care. Susan