Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another Kitchen In Progress Report

Here's another Kitchen in Progress report. :-)
This is the dinning area of our kitchen. Our new table and chairs arrived this morning. There will be a light over the table. Ken is putting it up tomorrow. We hung the pictures just a few minutes ago. The cabinets are coming along nicely. Ken will finish them tomorrow. WOOOOHOOOOO!!! We are gettting there. :-)
Love & Hugs


Kai said...

I think your kitchen is absolutely GORGEOUS, and it's also FRIENDLY! You know - even tho' it's 'fancy' and deserves a magazine layout, it's inviting, not cold! I just love the colors, the paintings, the new table & chairs - EVERYTHING! Can't wait to see the cabinets finished and the light up and all of it! Tell Ken if I were still teaching, he'd get an A+! LOL! Heck, I'll STILL give him one! A+ FOR YOU, KEN! GREAT JOB!

Jacque Uetz said...

Fran what a beautiful scene, I love your table and chairs, the colors of your room and decor, just lovely

MaryO said...

Fran it looks like a photo from a magazine....just lovely. How about coming over and designing a new kitchen for me????????
Love, MaryO