Saturday, October 28, 2006


I've tried several times today to post pic of my kitchen in progress but blogspot wouldn't let me for some reason or the other. ???? SOOOOO Here goes another try.
The red is Licorice Stick. The yellow is Vanilla Bean. The red gets one more coat tomorrow and then the painting of the walls are finished. We are going to redo the cabinets but not sure what color yet. Thinking pull out the darker color in the hardwood floor and put a wash on the cabinets. ?????? It remains to be seen. :-)
Will post more pics when totally finished with the kitchen.
Off to visit with our friends Maurine and Allen. Yes out to supper. Weight Watchers is under control. LOL LOL!!
Love & Hugs


Fran said...

SORRY for all the post on my kitchen. Two of them aren't supposed to be there BUT after posting this message I see they are. Blogspot wouldn't let me post this morning. It kept telling me errors. OK so I waited and tried again. OOOOOOOOOOO!! AND I don't know how to delete two of them ROFL!!!
Love & Hugs

Judi said...

Black cabinets ????? Wouldn't that pop - maybe even hurt your eyes, LOL. It's looking great!!

Kai said...

YUM!!!! Delicious colors, Little Frannie! The red is so HAPPY and the contrasting Vanilla Bean ties it together in a very cozy way! I can't wait to see it all completed! And I'll email you in a sec to tell you how to delete the extra posts. Blogger has been a pain in the behind this entire past week! Grrrrr!

Linda said...

Looking good, Fran! I did my cabinets base with an oak stain and a red wash on the drawers and doors. I put a pre-paint/stain sealer on first so that the stain and paint wash would go on smoothly. You can still see the grain of the wood thru the paint wash. I really like how it turned out.

Can't wait to see pictures when you are done.
Linda F from FL

MaryO said...

Love it Fran! I love red walls and yours is a lovely rich red. It's going to be a happy place to work!