Saturday, November 18, 2006

WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING Etc Etc Etc .........

Picture is Alissa my Hoffman 2005 doll that traveled for a year. I got her back a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad she is home and she's in perfect condition. :-)

Yesterday (Friday) I worked on hats for a teapot swap and worked on a RR doll & journal. I also worked on revising a pattern of a doll I designed several years ago. I wanted to get it out before Christmas. I HOPE I get it revised soon. If not I will get it out before Valentines Day.
I also am working on body patterns for two new dolls I will be releasing soon with pressmold faces (waiting for the pressmolds from master mold maker). Their names are Rachel and Abella. I'll be releasing my 7 inch pin dolls with pattern and pressmold soon too (waiting for the pressmolds to arrive). Some of you have seen them before. If you want to see them go to They are in the first album COMING SOON

Last night my hubby took me to see Trace Adkins, Billy Currington & James Aldean in concert. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! this was one of my birthday presents. :-)

Today (Saturday) I went shopping all day with my daughter Nicole. We had a good time together. My feet are killing me. LOL !! This is why I don't like shopping. hehehehe It was a nice day out with my daughter Nicole. I have to catch up on emails too. :-) We went to a ScrapBook shop. WOW!!! They have lots of wonderful stuff.

Tomorrow I will continue to work on things I need to finish. :-) I have Christmas stockings to make for 3 of my grandchildren too.
Love & Hugs


Kai said...

Wow, Little Frannie! You have been one REALLY busy girl! I love, love, love the Hoffman doll! ALL your dolls are so pretty!!!! And I can't wait to see your new ones including the pin dolls! Glad you had fun with Ken & also shopping. You deserve to have good times EVERY day!

shashi said...

What a beautiful doll I love her too and I look forward to seeing your new dolls.

Linda said...

Fran, she is so beautiful! What a gorgeous face and that costume is just lovely.
Linda F from FL

Judi said...

Love the doll - are you going to make a Trace Adkins doll now? ha ha

Fran said...

Hehehehe now that would have to be a sexy man with the moves he makes. LOL
Love & Hugs

Fran said...

Thank y'all for your nice comments.
Love & Hugs