Friday, February 22, 2013


I've been on Weight Watchers forever off and on for years and years. Yes, at one time I was a Life Time member.  Still am but In moving and going to other states I just started over. It was to big of a problem finding my paper work after being off of WW for years. So, I rather start over. No biggy because I still have my diamond Life Time Member pin and other pins.  They don't even give them anymore. LOL LOL I guess everybody cuts back one way or the other. LOL

My latest WEIGHT WATCHERS has been since I moved to Texas almost 2 years ago. Well, I didn't start Weight Watchers again as soon as I moved here but several months after I moved here. I did good for awhile but fell off the wagon per say.  :-)  Got back on the wagon and still on it but fell several more times UNTIL THIS PAST WEEK.  I DECIDED I AM GOING TO STICK TO LOOSING WEIGHT ON WEIGHT WATCHERS..... I have to say it loud so my inner Fran will hear it and know I mean business. :-)

I went to a WW meeting on Wed. morning and I HAVE MADE UP MY MIND TO STICK TO WEIGHT WATCHERS and stop wasting my time, their time and my money each week.  So, I weighed in Wed. and I weigh 159.2 lbs (YES I AM TELLING MY WEIGHT. But I started out at 164 when I first started over a year ago. I have YOYOED UP & DOWN SINCE) NOW STARTING  with this coming Tuesday, I will post my Weight and How Much I Lost. 

I have to post as this will give me incentive to loose each week. Because I know lots of people are going to see what my weight lost is.   Gain is not in my vocabulary anymore.

OK ........... Every Tuesday after WW Meeting I will post my weight and how much I lost. 

FRAN  :-)

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vivian said...

you go girl! I go on tuesday nights too. I'll be posting my loss too.
good luck this weekend! we can do it!