Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I painted these flowers on our main bathroom wall.  They match the shower curtain, towels and rug.

I tend to work on several things at one time. :-)  I was working on Fairies and other stuff I'm getting ready for All Dolls Are Art Conference.   I just had to stop working on the other stuff and paint this mural on the wall.    I guess I should take a pic of the shower curtain and rug so you can see the whole bath.  Not tonight.  I'm going to bed as I have to get up early and start working on more stuff for All Dolls Are Art Conference.  I leave next Wednesday.  I have lots to do yet.  The picture is a bit dark; the walls are an off white beige looking.  Not this dark at all.  I will see what I can do with the picture later.

Have A Great Day,

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Hoopie said...

What a wonderful idea and it looks GREAT !