Saturday, May 08, 2010


It's been a very interesting day in our shopping center today. #1 I've been really busy selling perfumes. That's a GREAT thing. #2 The nail shop had to call the paramedics for someone. #3 Somone sit fire to the bushes behind the shopping center. A couple of shops down from ours. The fire dept. came and put it out. Looks like it might have been a cigarette because the people in the shop where it was; goes outside to smoke and a big tall ash tray sits there. Glad it only burnt a couple of bushes. It's really close to the building. If anything else happened I don't know about it. Only reason I know about the other two happenings is because the people in the next shop to me came and told me. One more thing happened at the shop. It's good. FedEx delivered me a box and it had 2 Orchids in pots. My daughter Nicole and family sent them to me. One plant is opening up and it's yellow. The other one I don't know what color it will be, they aren't open yet. I LOVE Orchids. I have a baby vanilla one at home.

SOON it will be time to close up and go home. Then I have to go to the airport and pick my hubby up. Got to clean up the shop before closing.

My daughter Brandi, her hubby Jason and Cain our grandson are coming over for Breakfast on Mother's Day. They are going to make me Breakfast. Ken is taking me out for supper. MMMMM! Lots of good food and I'm on a diet. LOL LOL!!!
Love & Hugs


Susan said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Orchids are lovely, are they really hard to keep? I don't have any house plants, as I tend to either over-tend, or neglect completely. Oh, well, maybe one day.

Natalie said...

Hi Fran!!!
How are you? I'm doing great:)
It sounds like your Mother's Day was going to be Wonderful---I'm sure it was.
I've been keeping busy, as you probably noticed on my blog-thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Fran, I sure do miss you and hope to see you soon. We have to keep in touch.
Tell Ken I said---Hi!

Love You Bunches xxooxx