Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Hello. I know I know....I've been MIA Yet Again!! Our doll club had Jean Bernard last weekend teaching 3 wonderful fun days. I have not taken a picture of my so call chair(when you see it you will know). Well, it was going to be a PRETTY chair but IT JUST DIDN'T WANT TO BE PRETTY!! No matter how hard I tried to make it pretty in the beginning; It just wasn't going to happen!! I came out of my BOX and I DO MEAN REALLY GOT OUT OF THE BOX!! LOL!! BUT, I really had fun making this chair. It isn't totally finished yet. Maybe I'll show it in progress. I have to get batteries for my camera this evening. Hopefully Radio Shack will have the batteries I need. If I use plain batteries it will hurt my camera. Go figure??? Don't really understand that one but that's what the instructions to my camera says. The batteries my camera takes are Ni-MH.

I will take a picture in progress and post it this evening if I can find these Ni-MH batteries at Radio Shack.

And I wanted to say Hello to Everyone. I miss going to your blogs. I'll play catch up (if there's such a thing) later.
Love & Hugs

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