Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nature's Beauty Class I Teach & Students Dolls

Monday Sept. 5th & Tuesday Sept. 6th I taught my Nature's Beauty Class to 3 wonderful ladies & friends of mine in my Studio. Each doll is unique and beautiful. Ladies, you all DID ME PROUD!!! FANTASTIC DOLLS!!
Each student did a fantastic job of creating their Nature's Beauty. We all had a fun 2 days.
I have to get a PLUG in here. :-) I travel to teach "Nature's Beauty" class to Doll Clubs & Conferences. If any clubs or conferences are interested in my teaching "Nature's Beauty" or any other classes I teach; Please contact me at
My Demo Nature's Beauty doll as I taught Nature's Beauty to my 3 students. Yes! I have several different Nature's Beauties from teaching other classes. I suppose I have to say I have a collection of Nature's Beauties. :-)

Micki's Nature's Beauty

Jeri's Nature's Beauty

Casey's Nature's Beauty
****Credit for Photos goes to Maurine Adrezin. THANK YOU Maurine for taking all these wonderful pictures for us.
Thank You to my Students for a wonderful, fun class. Thank you for helping clean up after class was over. Y'All are DOLLS!!!!
Love & Hugs
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Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Fran what beautiful dolls. you must be a very inspiring teacher to have your students produce such lovely work. I bet they have fun with you.

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

All of these are so lovely. Hope one day to take this class with you.