Friday, October 09, 2009


Meet my Halloween Boy, Kat. My husband wanted to name him Dog but I wouldn't let him. Next name he wanted to name him was cat. I told him cat with a K not a C. Kat was sleeping and I snapped his picture and he woke up. I got his eyes open. They are orange and sometimes they are green.
He's our big boy. He weighs almost 30 lbs. He's a big boy. We had to buy him a dog bed to sleep in. Cat beds were too small for him. He's normal, he's a big cat. I forget what cat family he is. He's not in the main coon family. The cat family he is in starts with a B. Our cable guy has one just like him but his is a girl. She's 25 lbs. Kat loves to run and romp through the house, up and down furniture. I sure hope he doesn't run up and down our new sofa and chair that was delivered today. So Far, So Good. :-) SHHHHHHH!! Kat went right back to sleep. The deliverly guys thought he was a dog at first glance. hehehehe!!! SHHHH! we won't tell Kat they thought he was a dog.
Love & Hugs



Susan said...

Oh my, he is a big boy. Does he want to sit in your lap? That would be a lap full of cat. He is adorable. When I was much younger I had a kitty named Cat Benetar. Too cute.

vivian said...

wow.. hes big! looks like a seal ! or part bear! I bet hes a sweet heart!

Deanna Hogan said...

My Goodness! Hope he's not a lap cat.

flyingbeader said...

OMG...Fran...that is one BIG cat!