Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm going out of town AGAIN! Now y'all know why I don't get anything done. LOL!! Hopefully this will be our last trip for the year. I have so much that I have to finish. Time is slipping right past me. I'm even missing our doll club meeting this Saturday and I'm the President. That's OK, Micki the Vice President is standing in for me. WOOHOO! She's good!! I do have to send her some information for the meeting.

I have Christmas Ornaments I have to make and get in the mail. I have a Ebay item that I'm bidding on and it ends while I'm gone. !! DARN!!I don't want to miss out on this item. Maybe I will take my lap top and hope I can use it in Cedar City, Utah OR place my highest bid before I leave and HOPE I WIN!!!

I have been designing a leg (legs) pattern most of the day. I haven't had time to look at lots of blogs because there's always something else I have to do. No time to read all my emails and lists that I'm on. Where is the time going??? I sure wish time would slow down some so I can get more done in a day. LOL! I'm sure most of us wish for that one. :-) I think I'm out of control with everything I have to do and finish creations. I woke up around 4:30 A.M. this morning THINKING about everything that I have to do. That really isn't anything unusal for me. :-) I did get up and do some house work and then went into my studio until our daughter Brandi came over for Breakfast and to help her Dad with a program on the computer. NOW I HAVE A HEADACHE!!

Relax???? WHAT IS THAT????hehehehe!
Love & Hugs
Fran ;who is going to start supper, wait for hubby to come home, watch some TV and then work in my studio some this evening. Sounds like a plan. :-)

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