Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was a couple of days late on mailing out the 2 give aways. I just checked and one package has been delivered today and the other package is at the post office and hopefully delivered today also. Hope you like your prizes.

I figured I would post some other stuff today. I got most of the doctors appointments done. WOOOHOOO!!! Now I have to watch what I eat and exercise. UGH! I go back in 3 months to have more blood work. That's to check and see if watching what I eat and exercise is bringing my blood sugar(Glucose, Serum which is only 3 points above normal) and triglycerides down. My cholesterol is good except for one of them (bad or good one is to low HDLone) This is where the exercise comes in. It will bring it up. My triglycerides don't know what to do with the sugar. I never had high blood sugar until this year. Go Figure!! Eating lots of all the good sugar desserts brings my triglyerides up . SOOOOOOOOOO!! I WILL START BEING GOOD AND LEAVE THE GOOD STUFF ALONE AND EXERCISE!!! Other than that I'm healthy. :-) God's watching over me. That reminds me, a few weeks back my husband and I went to the Chinese restaurant. My fortune cookie said "God looks after you especially"

I received an email from the Museum Curator in Lithuania. My doll arrived and they really like it. Also got my invitation to the exhibit. I wish I could go but can't. I'm really excited that I was asked to send a doll for the exhibit. Pictures of the exhibit isn't up but the announcement is. Here's the website. International Exhibition "The World of Dolls & Woodland Fairies" from Lithuania, Latvia & United States. Sept. 4 - Oct. 17, 2009

I'm in a Halloween PinKeep (Pincushion) Swap so I'm off to go work on a Pinkeep for my swap partner.
Love & Hugs


vivian said...

I'm tryign to make some healthy changes and exercise too. though I would like to lose ALOT of weight. giving myself 7 months.. Ive done awesome all week.. until my husband wanted pizza tonight... I ate 2 pieces.. but I figured I deserved it after how well I did this week. Just pray I stay motivated and stick to it.. I dont believe in diets.. but life style change! so good luck with yours too!
hmmm... I wonder what your making....

Mo'a said...

Congratulations on having your doll in an exhibit in Lithuania...Wow!!!
I know just how you diet is very good and I exercise, however, all this testing I have been through lately shows the bad up and the good down, or something like that.
My Dr. told me that I inherited this condition.
Good luck to you :)...I know it is not easy.

flyingbeader said...

FRAN....opened the box that I got yesterday from you & was dancing with delight with all the lovely things you sent me from your 200th blog give away. I'm just blown away with your generosity. Congrats on the doll show.

As for health issues, I work in a lab & one of either the good or the bad is that I can do my own blood workup. I'm trying to get my cholesterol back down. It is normal, but high normal so must eat more good carbs. Plus, I must pull myself up & go out to work instead of beading all the time. My dogs would love it too.