Sunday, August 16, 2009

POST # 199 There will be a give away for POST #200

This is my 199th post. WOOOHOOO!!! Post #200 is coming up so please watch for it on Friday morning Aug. 21st. I will post pictures of my Give Aways. YES! There will be 2 Give Aways. When you visit my blog and Post #200, leave a comment and you will be in the Give Away drawing.
Stay Tuned to see the 2 Give Aways!!! They will be posted in my #200th Blog Post on Friday. You will have until midnight Saturday evening to post a comment. Sunday afternoon Aug. 23rd at 1 P.M Pacific time (I'm in Las Vegas, NV) I will post the 2 WINNERS!!! THE 2 WINNERS will have to email me with their name and address. I'm excited! can't wait to see who the WINNERS will be. I will have my hubby draw the names.

I have to go for my yearly blood work tomorrow morning. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!!! YES! I'm a baby when it comes to sticking a needle into my vein and drawing out my blood. OOOOOOOO!! I can't think about it.
Seems I have a lot of doctor appointments this month. Regular doctor, Breast doctor and Eye doctor. Well, at least I will have all that behind me for a year except for the breast doctor. I have to go every 6 months to see him. Hopefully he will say I don't have to come back for a year. I hope. Not bad, it could be worst. I'm thankful I'm as healthy as I am.

My doll "Margie In Flight" is published in "Doll Crafters & Costuming" magazine. Made me Happy :-) when I opened the magazine and saw her and her goose.

I have a couple of dolls to send to California for Exhibit. They are ready to go in the mail tomorrow. WOOOHOOO!!!

I was asked to send a doll to Lithuania to be display in a museum. It's on it's way to the Lithuania Museum. I am THRILLED!!!

I have to make a gyspy doll for the Gyspy Challenge. I also have a doll made already for Celebration of Dolls. They both go to Houston, Texas to be display at the International Quilt Show.

I have to work on an online class or two that I will be teaching in the near future.

I have to work on new patterns I am designing. I also have to make 3 or 4 new dolls for another project. OH! DEAR! Looks like I just made my THINGS TO DO LIST!! LOL!! I have lots more to add to it but I won't yet. :-)
Sooooooooo, Now you know some of the things I'm up to. :-)

REMINDER! Be sure and come back to my blog on Friday Aug. 21st for my Give Aways!!
I've typed enough for one blog. :-)
Love & Hugs


Debb said...

you sure have been busy. Love your dolls . will be back for your give away, congrats

Kathy White said...

I am sure that you are pretty healthy as you sure looked good at EDAC! Keeping busy is a good thing and you have a lot on your plate to manuever! I will be watching for your classes and for your post next Friday!

Kathy White```````````````

Kai said...

Hey, lil' Frannie! I am looking forward to seeing ALL your new dolls! Which doll did you send to Lithuania? PICTURES????? I'll be thinking of you during all the medical ordeals. I hate having blood taken, too! Don't MIND shots, but LEAVE MY DARNED BLOOD ALONE. It's MINE, all MINE! LOL! Will definitely come back Friday to post a comment. I know ANYTHING you've made will be AWESOME!

Hoopie said...

Makes me tired just reading your to do list !


DianneSahakian Dolls, Minidolls, Crafts said...

Fran Sounds like you have been pretty busy. getting all those tests done every year is a pain in the you know where but needs to get done. I love all your Dolls. Love and hugs Dianne

Judi W. said...

Keep breathing! Talk about busy!

Shashi Nayagam said...

You are a very busy busy lady and congratulations about your dolls exhibits in California and Lithuania.

DianneSahakian Dolls, Minidolls, Crafts said...

Hi Fran Your new pin cushion witch looks great. I know pictures never do a doll justice no matter who makes them. I love all of yours dolls. Love and Hugs Dianne

Anonymous said...

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