Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I'm home from EDAC 2009
It was FANTASTIC!! I'm the Room Mom and everything went great. Everyone was excited and had a fantastic time. Wonderful stuff in the Sales Room. YES, I did spend $$ there. :-) Some of us went to HOBBY LOBBY!! YES! I spent $$ there also. We don't have a Hobby Lobby in Vegas. Wish we did. My husband hopes one never comes to Vegas. HAHAHAHA!

I did rest a day before I got on the computer. Below is a picture of my "Magical Jester" I won First Place Advance Professional catagory. WOOHOO!!! I was EXCITED!! So was my "Magical Jester" He's still Excited!!
Love & Hugs


Judi W. said...

Congrats! He's amazing and so worth winning. Welcome home too! :)

Kai said...

Frannie, he's awesome! I need to come visit your blog & read all the posts I've missed since I moved & lost half my blog list! Congratulations on your well-deserved win, and I'm glad you had FUN!

DianneSahakian Dolls, Minidolls, Crafts said...

Hi Fran Your magical Jester is beautiful and really worth winning. You do such beautiful work with your dolls and it looks like you have fun doing them. I am glad you had a lot of fun. Love and Hugs Dianne

Hoopie said...

Wonderful Work. Congratulations.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Congratulations Fran. He is awesome. You deserve it. Love him you did such a wonderful job.

Nita Butler said...

Hi Fran...Congrats on the win! Your jester is wonderful!

Fran said...

Thank Y'ALL for your wonderful comments about my winning 1st Place. I really appreciate it.
Love & Hugs

Kelly said...

Fran he's wonderful - congratulations!

Fran said...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about my Magical Jester winning 1st Place Advance Professional at EDAC 2009
Love & HUgs