Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hi All,
Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. Life does get in the way sometimes. Sometimes more than we want it to but that's life. :-) My daughter Nicole, her husband Randy and kids (my grandkids) Brittany, Cameron and Shawn are on their way to PA with a big rental truck and 2 cars. They are moving to PA. YES, MY HEART IS BROKEN!!! I MISS THEM. :-( They are in Texas seeing my sons Kevin, Kenny and families. They will stop in Kentucky and see our family and then onto PA. Randy's family lives in PA and so does 2 of my other daughters Angela & Michele and grandkids.

I have pictures of a Pin Keep Swap I was in. I will post them tomorrow. Vivian if you are reading this I will send pictures of Catie's Pin Keep she made me.

I'm working on finishing a few dolls that have to go in the mail for a display, a challenge and for teaching. I have a couple of RR Recipe Journals I have to mail tomorrow while my hubby and I are out shopping. It's really to0 HOT here in Vegas to go shopping BUT one has to get out in that HOT TEMPS if they want to shop. :-) Hope I don't melt while shopping and if I do I hope I melt into CHOCOLATE. hehehehehe. Just a little humor. :-)
More Later
Love & Hugs

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