Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm posting pictures of Pin Keep swap I joined in on Vivian's blog. What FUN this swap was. Wish I could do the Halloween Swap BUT I can't, I'm way to busy. :-( Hopefully I can join in on the next swap Vivian host. I think Vivian is the Queen of Swaps. Go check out Vivian's blog and swaps. Click on Vivian's name in my list of blogs. You will love looking at her blog and some of the other blogs.

Fairy Pincushion I made for Catie. She's one of my Fairy Pincushions. Heart Pincushion Catie made for me. It's sitting on my sewing machine. I LOVE IT!!! Thank You again Catie. I enjoyed having you as my swap partner for the Pin Keep Swap.


Carla said...

Those pinkeeps are great! Is that the same Catie as this? http://catieanscorner.blogspot.com/
I have her as a partner in Viv's halloween swap. Yes, she sure is the queen of swaps!

barbara burkard said...

wow...i just simply ADORE...your pinkeep!!!! i left you a little award on my blog...

miss violette says hello!!!

hugz and love!

Sabii Wabii said...

Came over from Viv's. Great pin cushion swap! Love the faces on your solls also.