Monday, July 28, 2008

I'M BACK !!! :-)

I'm back to posting to my blog. I was away at EDAC (Enchanted Doll Artists Conference) last week. This week I have been here in Las Vegas helping put on ODACA (Original Doll Artist Council Of America). It was a FANTASTIC Day!! The luncheon was FANTASTIC!! Everyone enjoyed ODACA DAY! It was so nice making new friends, seeing friends and meeting ODACA's newest Artists. I did not get to take any pictures as I was way to busy sitting up the Luncheon, Helper Dolls, Table Favors, etc etc. I was very busy BUT loved every minute of it. I was happy to help.

I'm going to be working on new dolls. I'm sending some dolls to various places for display and for challenges. I'll finish working on 2 RR Cookbook Journals and get them in the mail. They are way late. SORRY!!! I have a Pincushion swap I have to mail out. It's ready to mail. :-)

My house has been wall to wall with my children and grandchildren since mid June. My son left this morning for his home in Texas. My daughter, her husband and my 3 grandchildren and one of their friends leave tomorrow afternoon to go back to their home in PA. GOSH!!! My home will be quite. I won't know what to do!!! I sure will miss them. It's been nice having them around.

My granddaughter Brittany had surgery on her ankle today. They had to reconstruct her ankle inside. Long story..... She will be in the split they have on her now for 2 weeks, then she will be
in a hard cast for 6 weeks, then she will be in a soft cast for 4 weeks, then she will go to PT for 8 weeks. She won't be back to herself until Dec.

Just wanted to touch base with everyone. I haven't posted in awhile.
Have A Wonderful Day
Love & Hugs


vivian said...

Hi Fran, how nice that youve had so much family visiting. And how awesome that you were able to go to the doll convention thingy! I'm looking forward to seeing what ever wonderful dolls you create!
Please dont forget to email me a picture of your pinkeep, I am dying to see them all and to get them all posted at the same time!
have a sweet weekend!

Linda said...

Oh family is too much fun. I know you have enjoyed their visit. Now how about pictures of edac???

Susan said...

Glad you had a good time. Hope all goes well with Brittany, I'm guessing that she is old enough to deal with all that seems to be involved with the surgery, and hope that she does well. Keep us posted. Hugs, Susan

Mo'a said...

It is nice to hear about all your adventures.
I hope your Granddaughter is doing well.

Linda Fleming said...

Hey Fran! Good to see you blogging again. Sounds like you have had a fun and busy summer. I hope your grand faughter's ankle heals quickly and she doesn't have any more trouble with it.