Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Here's a couple of pictures of SPRING FAIRY PINCUSHION I am teaching on Doll Street. Class begins April 25, 2008. Want to join in on the fun of making SPRING FAIRY PINCUSHION????
Go to: to sign up. You will have lots of fun!! Hope to see you in the class room.


I'VE BEEN TAGGED BY DEANNA. I have to tell 5 things about myself and tag 5 other bloggers.

1. I LOVE designing and creating dolls of cloth, clay and other mediums, patterns, costumes, and props for my dolls.

2. I MISS my children and grandchildren that live in NY, CT, PA & TX

3. Dolls dance in my head all the time and want to be created. They even wake me up all hours of the night. I have a pad and pencil on my night stand so I can sketch & write them down.

4. I'm addicted to fabric, dyes, fiber papers, fancy fiber yarns, natural dyed flowers, stems, etc.

5. I work better under pressure. :-) Seems that way any how. :-)

I'll go to 5 peoples blogs and tag them. :-)

Love & Hugs



Deanna said...

Hi Fran,
You've been tagged! (Thanks for volunteering). Please write five things about yourself and tag five more bloggers ;-)

Love your pincushions, by the way. Good luck with your class.

See you in Las Vegas!

Carolyn said...

Fran I love the new look of your blog the colors are just gorgeous ... it's like Rainbow Marshmallows ... scrumptious ...
love your pin cushion too ... wish I had time to take the class ... maybe next time ... I love to pop in and see what you are creating so I have listed you on my places to visit ...

Linda Fleming said...

She is so pretty, Fran! Seems pin cushions are the rage right now- first Jacque and her snail, then Yvette and her mousies, and now your pretty girl. I think you girls are starting a new hot trend.

Shashi Nayagam said...

These are absolutely adorable dolls Fran. Love them

Kelly said...

Hi Fran. I've had cataract surgery on both eyes now and am doing well. I don't get out and look around much - not enough hours in the day to keep up so I know how you feel. Looks like you are doing some fun and interesting things. Love your work.

barbara burkard said...

ohhhhh YOUR PINCUSHIONS ARE ADORABLE!!!! thanks for the tag and visiting my blog!


Mo'a said...

Hello Fran...thank you for thinking of me for a tag...I did one back in February 18 you can find it in the right side of my blog under category Mo'a.
I love your Faerie nice it would be to have a Faerie assistant like that on your worktable

Yvette said...

Fran your pincushions are just wonderful!!
It looks like a fun class!

Fran said...

Thanks Everyone that posted. Hope to see you in the Spring Fairy Pincushion class. You will have fun making your Spring Fairy Pincushion. Lots of FUN!!
Love & Hugs