Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm going to MM& M (Magic, Mischief & Mayhem) in Kentucky. I have family in Kentucky but won't get to see them. They are about 3 hours away from where I will be. That's Okay though, I'll be busy creating dolls, having fun, meeting friends and making new friends. PLUS I get to go back to my home state for a few days. I will get to see green trees and houses on nice green acreage. I live in the desert and houses are sitting 10 feet on each side. YUCK!! I do have green grass in front and in the back. I also have beautiful roses. It's still the desert. :-) I will return home on Monday the 21st. Until then I won't be posting to my blog nor on a computer. :-)
I'll post pics of the 2 dolls I'm making in Natalie's class and Barbara's class.

Well, got to go finish packing supplies and clothes. I'm leaving tomorrow evening. I'll still have time to get those last minute things in my suitcase. LOL LOL!
More When I Get Home!
Love & Hugs


Yvette said...

It sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy yourself!!

Susan said...

Have fun, enjoy the country air and scenery and come back refreshed and full of new ideas. See ya next week!

vivian said...

Oh Im so jealous! I wish I were going away to make dolls!! have great fun and I'll be waiting for your return post with pictures of your wonderful creations!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Have a great trip Fran and take lots of photos to show.

Linda said...

Fran are you home? Did you have a great time? Hurry we want to see pictures.