Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It's just going to be words today. I'm working at our Perfume Shop today. Ken hurt his back several days ago and needs to stay in bed another day or maybe two. He says he's going to work at the shop tomorrow. ????????? We shall see. :-) Poor guy, he's been in lots of pain.

The tempture is really nice today; in the high 70's. Nice breeze blowing and lots of sunshine as it is most of the time. The weather man says it's going to hit the 90's by the weekend or early next week. Not looking forward to the HOT TEMPS in the Summer. I have beautiful roses in my back yard. They love the cooler temps. They don't like the HOT Summer. I even have roses at Christmas time. :-)

I brought doll work with me to the shop :-) When not busy selling perfume, etc I can play dolls.
I really am working on doing Pre Work for MM&M (Magic Mischief & Mayhem) that I'm going to next week in Kentucky. Annie Hess is the wonderful doll artist that puts this doll conference on. Take a look at the site.

It's going to be fun. Natalie Hamade and Barbara Schoenoff are the teachers. WOOOHOOO! Nothing like putting off until the last minute to do my pre work. That's me. LOL LOL!! I still have a week. :-)
Back to the Pre Work. :-)
Love & Hugs


Susan said...

Ohh, a hurt back is something that is you really have to experience first hand in order to relate to. I hope he gets better soon. Tell him to hang in there.
Susan K.

Linda Fleming said...

Sounds like you are looking forward to your Ky. dollmaking class. I hope pesky customers don't keep you too busy so you can work on your prep work.