Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Here's a few pictures of some snowmen oraments I made for our Christmas Tree. I'm making more. My daughters want one. I'm also in a Snowman Swap but I can't show that one yet. :-)

SNOWMAN BOX I MADE - You can stash goodies inside.

WISHING ALL A HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! We will have a house full tomorrow. Two of our daughters and 4 of our grandkids will be over. My hubby's sister and her hubby will be over.
I can smell the turkey cooking now. YUMMY YUMMY!! My hubby Ken cooks the turkey early on Thanksgiving Morning. Sure does make the house smell YUMMY!! Brings back childhood memories. I was raised on a Turkey Farm. My grandfather owned a big farm. We had regular black turkeys and we had white turkeys. Nothing prettier than a field full of white turkeys.
I have a scar on my leg where a turkey spurred me. We were vaccinating the turkeys and I had to hold it by it's feet and one foot slipped out of my hand and spurred my leg. OUCH!
OOOOO! but those were the good ole days.
Love & Hugs


Judi Wellnitz said...

At least you didn't fall into a turkey grave like Ev! The ornaments are TOOO cute! Have a great day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Love those snowmen!! The box is super and I love the colorful snowmen too!!

Linda Fleming said...

Those snowmen are delightful, Fran! Just as cute as they can be.

Tomorrow eat a turkey leg as payback for that one spurring you. I didn't realize turkeys had spurs.

Have a great day with your family.

Shashi Nayagam said...

These ornaments are lovely Fran. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Sunny Chick said...

Wow! The Ornie's look great! I am SOOO full! Happy Turkey day!

Kelly said...

Fran I love your Snowmen! Great - thank you for the EDAC info. I'll keep checking it. I don't have a good email for you either keep getting a rejection - mine is

Sunny Chick said...

BLACK FRIDAY! I subjected myself to it! I suvived to tell about it. LOL! Hope your shop is busy! I work at the Homestead tomorrow! We should be busy, I hope we are busy!
have a good one!

Linda said...

Those are some fancy snowmen...too cute.

Bear said...

these are just tooooooooooo gorjas for words
loves ya bear xoxoxoxoxo

Fran said...

Thank Y'all for your nice comments about my Snowmen. There will be a Snow Lady or two later.
I have several in the works. Will post them in a day or two.
WOOOOOHOOOO!!! they are fun.
Love & Hugs

Pammy Tasche said...

LOVE these snowmen, Fran! They make me smile!

Sunny Chick said...

I just sent out package! you should see a FedX dude in about two or three days!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the snowmen!
Especially the Colorful one!
Sandra Evertson

Jacque Uetz said...

Fran, your snowmen are the cutest one of my favorite Christmas items..

Fran said...

Thank y'all for your nice comments about my snowmen. I will be posting more snowmen soon.
Love & Hugs

Linda Kay said...

I love those snowmen ornaments what are they made of?
Girl are they your pattern? If so I want one! LOL!!!
Linda Kay

Fran said...

Linda Kay,
Thank you, glad you like my snowmen. It's takes awhile to make them but they sure are fun.
Yes, they are my own design. As of right now I don't have a pattern printed for them. They are made with paper clay and other things. I will write up the instructions for them but it might be a couple of weeks. I'm so far behind on everything right now. :-) If you still want it by then let me know. I couldn't find your email addy.
Love & Hugs