Friday, November 16, 2007


These pictures were taken around 3 P.M. one afternoon in front of my house. This is when the California smoke was coming in to Vegas along with the unsettled atmosphere in our area. We do have some beautiful cloud formations from time to time due to the atmosphere in Vegas. The Rainbow is from the atmosphere not from having rain. We had NO RAIN and we HAVEN'T HAD RAIN IN A LONG TIME. Really pretty sky isn't it? ***** When you click on the pictures you will see a helicopter flying by.
Love & Hugs


Shashi Nayagam said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Fran they are beautiful.

Sunny Chick said...

Hi Fran! I am SOOOO excited for the Snowman!! Yours is getting it's last minute tweek! Monday the 26th is the day! Thought I would share with you, my mothers Best Friend Carmen has lived in Vegas for 15 years or so now and loves it, we have visited a few times, she still comes home for christmas. I have always thought it be a lovely place, even if I don't win! I love the shows!

Kai said...

Wow, that's GORGEOUS, Frannie! What a great view! Here, I look out & see FOG! Ugh! LOL!