Friday, December 08, 2006


As some of you know I LOVE STARBUCKS!! Here's a pic of a couple of new ornaments on my Christmas tree you might find interesting. I Love them. :-)

Aren't the Christmas Bags CUTE? I got them while out shopping with my daughter Nicole today. Paid $1 each bag. Got them at the Dollar Tree. These are nice size bags and the Snowmen, SnowLady & Santa are made of Fabric, buttons, broom, plastic violin. Wish I had bought more and saved them for next year. :-) Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and buy some more. heheheh
Love & Hugs


Sherry Goshon said...

what a great buy on the bags...i love sherry

Judi said...

Those are cute bags!!

Hey - what's the red ornament next to the Starbucks?

shashi said...

What lovely bags and you could easily become the advertising lady for Starbucks LOL! Now Judi has got my curiosity going must go and have a look to see what ornament she wants to know.

Fran said...

The red ornament beside the green Starbucks is a little dress form dressed in red. By the way the Beautiful egg on the other side was made by Jean Bernard. We had an orament exchange last year and I got Jean's. WOOOOHOOO I love it. It has a snow scene.
Love & Hugs

Linda said...

Love those bags! I had some last year and thought that we would be easy and fun to make. And those Starbuck ornaments are a hoot! You do love your Starbucks, don't you? Maybe you need to set up and decorate a Starbuck Altar? LOL!
Linda F from FL

Kai said...

Little Frannie, your bags are great! And you & I are definitely the bag and Starbucks ladies! I just bought 50 more bags to replace the ones I bought LAST year after Christmas. You'll soon know how I used last year's bags. Heehee! And I LOVE your Starbucks ornaments! (I had one of their yummy eggnog lattes this morning!)

Fran said...

ROFL Linda, OOOOOOOO! You have given me a THOUGHT!!! hehehe A Starbucks Alter. Can't you see what it looks like?????? :-)
Love & Hugs