Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well, tomorrow I get to start creating again. WOOOOHOOOO!!! I don't have to work our perfume shop for the next 6 days. Tomorrow I will work on my new online class for DollStreet.
I have 3 new pressmolds that I have to make bodies for and write the instructions for. I'll start on one pattern at a time. :-) So much to do !! It will all come together the way it's supposed too. I can't wait to get back to creating. I've missed it since I've had to work at our perfume shop the past couple of weeks everyday. Now Christmas is over it's back to one day a week. HURRAY!!!

I sculpted the 2 Pirates two years ago and gave one to my grandson Cameron for his room. His room is made like a Pirate ship. His Mommy (my daughter) is an artist and she did his room like a Pirate ship. It's really neat!! She drew the Crow's Nest on the wall and put a wooden shelf up for the Pirate to stand on. The other Pirate will go to my grandson Cain.  Actually this one in the picture goes to Cain. I didn't post the pic of the one for Cameron. Will later.

OH!! My Kitchen is FINISHED!!! The shutter were installed a few days before Christmas. I will take pictures and post them.
Love & Hugs


Judi said...

He's fantastic! Love the peg leg - bet your grandson is just thrilled to death to own him!

Linda said...

Oh My what a great pirate...right down to his gold teeth...nothing left undone. I bet he was a big hit with your grandson
Auntie Linda

MaryO said...

Did we see this pirate two years ago???? I don't remember him and he is so handsome, I'm sure I wouldn't have forgotten him! Great work, Fran. I know Cameraon loves him!

thecoppermouse said...

Wow, he is so freakin' awesome!!!!