Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Here's a picture of my Christmas Tree.

My Grandson Cain and I made a Gingerbread house this morning. He had so much fun making it. I was there to give him help. He's pleased with it and can't wait until his Mama picks him up this evening so he can show her his Gingerbread house. Cain didn't even want to take time and comb his hair or eat breakfast. LOL LOL!! Him and Grandpa are out getting their hair cuts now.

I posted a picture of my cat, Kat. He weighs 24 lbs, well the last time I weighed him, I keep telling him he's part Panther. He's a sweetheart.
Got to get ready and go to the shop and help out. We are really busy and will be from now through Christmas Eve.
Love & Hugs


Linda said...

Fran, your grandson is just adorable! What a cute face! He did a great job on the gingerbread house, didn't he? Your tree is so pretty- looks like you are all ready for Christmas at your house. And your cat does look like a panther- hee hee!
Linda F from FL

Judi W. said...

What a great house! He looks so proud of himself!!!

EEKS - your cat weighs more than my dog - Zach is so NOT coming over to play, ha ha.

Kai said...

Hi, Little CHRISTMAS Frannie! Your tree is gorgeous! And what a cutie Cain is! He did a great job on the gbread house! But here's what happens when a person has only one sighted eye: I looked at it and wondered where you got that little monkey peeking at the house! DUH! It's Cain's SHIRT! But it DOES look like it's peeking at his house & grinning! Finally, I'm CRAZY about Kat! What a beautiful animal! I love kitty-people!

Anonymous said...
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