Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I know it's been awhile since I posted to my blog.  Lots has been going on in my life some good some not good but all is good right now.  Life has to go on no matter what is handed our way.  The hardest thing was loosing my brother and it has taken a while to feel better about his passing on.  I know he is in a better place with God. I know he wouldn't want me sitting around grieving about him all the time. I know he is with other family members of ours in Heaven and therefore I feel much better about things after his passing away August 13, 2013. He knows he is loved and missed by all his family.
I've posted to several of my list and blog but haven't done much of that lately either.  I jump on Facebook and post and jump off.  With the Holidays and Family gatherings; I really haven't had a lot of time to think.  I also have pulled everything out of both of my studios and am going through stuff.  GOT TO GET MY STUDIOS BACK IN WORKING ORDER. :-)   I MISS NOT CREATING DOLLS, ETC.  Although I have started a few during this time but never have finished any of them.  NOW IT'S TIME TO FINISH WHAT I STARTED.  :-)
Just wanted to post and let all know I'm still around and you will be hearing more from me.  I PROMISE!!  I MISS EVERYONE!!
I have a new cat also.  Her name is Maggie Mae (I named her.  We didn't know what her real name was).  She answers to Maggie Mae now.  She's been a bit of a challenge.  She wanted to bite when we first adopted her.  I think she knows now how much we love her and she is doing much better about not trying to bite.  She's such a sweet cat. She's One & Half years old.  I think whom ever had her before she was in the pound must have been mean to her OR she could have been a alley cat.  Not sure. The paper work was all messed up and they gave me her (Maggie Mae) instead of the cat I was supposed to have adopted.  It's OK because my Maggie Mae was supposed to have been mine or everything wouldn't have happened the way it did.  Now she has a nice safe loving family that gives her lots of attention.  She is a sweetheart but she still has her moments of wanting to bite sometimes. Mostly if she's playing with us is when she wants to bite. LOL LOL  Better laugh than cry.  Took her to the vet for her last shot until next year.  She does really well at the vets.  She DOES NOT like being in her cage when we take her to the vet.  I don't blame her, I wouldn't either. 
Back to getting both of my studios in order.  Hope to finish them this week.  I MISS CREATING, ETC ETC.
Luv & Huzs

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paperpest said...

I look forward to your new creations.