Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I will be leaving for Austin, TX tomorrow.  Going to be teaching at All Dolls Are Art Conference.
Looking forward to the conference as always.  It's a great fun conference.  The hotel even has a Starbucks in it. LOL LOL!!!

I still have a lot of packing to do.  Just wanted to let everyone know I won't be online while I'm away.
Got to run out and buy a few things I need before I leave.  I'm sure there will be something or things I will forget. LOL LOL!!  Got lots on my mind these days.  Just talked to my sister in law as I do everyday.  My brother is doing the same. She talks to him all the time in hopes he knows it's her
talking to him.  She spends most of her days there with him.  She puts the phone to his ear so I can say hello and love him.  We will stay in touch with each other while I'm away.  I will call her between or after my class each day while at the conference.  She won't call me while I'm at the conference unless something happens to my brother.  I'm praying that she doesn't call me because if I get a call from her I will know it won't be good.  Sending lots of prayers and thoughts for my brother.
I pray he gets his Miracle he needs. My heart is breaking that this has happened to him and nothing any doctor can do.  I know God and the Angels are watching over him.  Still praying for a Miracle for him.

Will post all about the conference when I get back home. 

Everyone have a creative week.

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