Friday, July 12, 2013



My brother Frank is in bad shape with Prion Protien. He is decling more everday.  He was in UK Lexington, KY hospital. They have done all they can do. Prion can not be cured. He is decling fast.  He is in Grayson Manor in Leitchfield, KY our home town.  They are taking really good care of him. He's not in any pain.  I don't live in KY so I have not seen him since this happened. I have and do talk to him on the phone. His wife Patty put the phone to his ear and told him it's your sister Frances. She told him to say Hi.  He did but it was very very weak. I did talk to him and told him I love him.  I've been on the phone everyday since this has happened.  The doctors said, 1-2 people out of 6 million get Prion. No known cure for it.  It is a fast death the doctors say. He's not in any pain. He sleeps a lot and they are putting a feeding tube in his stomach today. Praying for a Miracle for him. Miracle is what it's going to take to pull him out of this.

This is why I'm not on too much lately.  I jump on facebook to read what my niece post about him.  I call everyday and Patty calls me everyday. Spoke with her last night and will talk with her today etc.
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NaughtyNatalie said...

Fran I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I too have a very very rare neurodegerative disease that they don't have a cure or a way to stop it. Very little is known, so not much information out there.
Know that your love and support, even from afar, are greatly needed and appreciated. I am sending you and your family much love and positive energy. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong. <3<3<3