Thursday, November 01, 2012


Now that Halloween is over........It's back to everyday stuff.  Going into my back studio and finish cleaning and putting stuff in place. What A MESS I MADE!! LOL LOL!!   I'm finding stuff I forgot I had. WOOOHOOO!! Found lots of good stuff. :-)  Then it's back to creating.

Hubby is home today not feeling well.  Allergies are getting to him.  It's 66 degrees and going to be 87 degrees today.  SUMMER IS STILL HERE! 

Just wanted to pop in and say HI and Hope all had a fun Halloween.  I know the East Coast is going to have Halloween Nov. 5th.   My thoughts and prayers are still going out to all the people that was in the Hurricane. 

"DOLLS ARE MY CANVAS WITHIN MY SOUL"1996-2012 & beon. :-)  I say that because it's registered in Texas also since I moved from Las Vegas(it's still registered there also).   Seems I had to register it when I moved here.  ANY HOW,  HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY CREATING!!

SOON IT WILL BE CHRISTMAS!!! I WONDER IF WE WILL HAVE SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS?????? Probably not.....Might be warm and it might be cold.  Never know here in Texas. :-)  Las Vegas, NV was warm at Christmas.   One year on Christmas the kids went up to Mt. Charleston and brought a truck load of snow and dumped it on our front yard for the kids to play in.
I'm making more of my Snow People.  There will be new and different ones. 
OK, I'm Out Of Here.  :-)

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Lisa said...

Cute Snow People!