Friday, November 04, 2011


Well, it's been awhile since I posted.  GOSH! Almost a month has passed by.  Things do get in the way sometimes.  So much to do trying to get doctors since we moved. Have a couple in place but need some others.  BELEIVE ME I'M THANKFUL FOR DOCTORS BUT WHEN I HAVE TO FIND NEW ONES IT SCARES ME!!  It's the not knowing how good they are, etc.  Our insurance is good we can see any doctor.  It's just knowing which ones.  GOSH have to have several doctors ..........One for this and one for that and one for another thing.  I WISH I COULD GO SEE MY DOCTORS BACK IN LAS VEGAS!! Well, at least 2 of them. Don't think I haven't thought about it.  YES! I am a big baby when it comes to doctors. Don't like it at all but know I have to go sometimes.  I could go spend time with our daughter in Las Vegas and see the two doctors that I really trust and like. BUT hubby might not go for that one. LOL LOL!!! You know the feeling of being comfortable with doctors.  Gone to one doctor here Primary doctor.  Had blood work done. Don't have to go back they will call me. Mmmmmmmm!!! Not used to that.  Always went back to the doctor for results.  Monday go to Breast doctor.  I have all my films and ultrasound for them him her whatever.  JUST HOPE they are as good or better as the one I had in Las Vegas.  YES! I am making a wreck out of myself; arent' I????.  I guess I DON'T LIKE CHANGES.  After all I had my doctors in Las Vegas for 16 years.   I will get used to the ones here.  I guess I've just heard too many bad stories about doctors not doing the right treatments and right meds to people. My daughter in law gave me her doctors names.  My hubby has his doctors already because he was in the hospital a few days after we moved here.  I just kept putting it off. 

OK OK enough on that subject!!! SORRY! for going on and on.  I will stop now.  I could say lots more on this subject but I won't.  I will be a good girl and see the other doctors.

I do have several new dolls to show.  I will take pictures of them tomorrow and post them on my blog and my facebook. 
I did a pin doll swap on DollStreet and I got my pin dolls from Dru Esslinger, Gloriana Nickolis and Beth. They are wonderful.  Will take pics of the pin dolls also.  Each of them are WONDERFUL!!!

I guess I will stop talking now and go to bed.  It's almost midnight. MMMMMMMM! wonderful if I will turn into a Princess at midnight. ROFL!!! Don't I wish!!  
Night Everyone

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Susan said...

Glad you are back. Hubby and I are currently blessed with such good health that other than a yearly checkup we don't even see the doctor. Hope you find ones that are sensitive to your needs. I have been seen, in the past,by Nurse Practitioners that were great and so in tune with their patients. Don't count them out. Take care.