Saturday, October 08, 2011


I haven't posted in awhile.  Been busy with This & That as usual.  I'm working on dolls, etc etc.  for an up coming craft show this month.  I have several Art Dolls made.  Working on Fancy Lady Brooches and other items for the show. 

We moved furniture out of our living room and 2 of our sons came over this morning to help us put the hardwood flooring in.  It looks great.  I'm so glad the carpet is gone.  I don't like carpet.  I love my hardwood flooring.  It's the same flooring that they put in my studios.  Easy to maintain and it looks wonderful.  Wish I could talk hubby into putting the same flooring in our bedroom and guest bedroom.  Maybe someday. LOL LOL!!! He likes and wants carpet in the bedrooms.  UGH!!  That's OK, I'll let him have his way. Hehehehehe!!   I'll keep working on him to change his mind.  :-)

Will take pictures tomorrow and post them to my blog and/or facebook and my picturetrail. As soon as I put them in my computer and crop them, I will then post them.  Not sure if they will get on my blog, facebook and picturetrail tomorrow.  If not, the next day.  I WILL DO MY BEST TO POST THEM BY MONDAY.   Fingers Crossed. :-)   

Hope all are having a good fun weekend.  So far it's been nice.  I love my new flooring in my living room.  Well, hubby has to put the trim around and put the furniture back where it belongs.  Then it will be finished.

Just a couple more things to be done to the house and then hopefully we are finished.  Seems like we have been working on this house forever.  I'm tried and I want it all finished so I can RELAX!! Like I know what that word is.........RELAX??????? ME??????? Not in my vocabulary. LOL LOL!!

I guess I better get off the computer and get ready to go to our daughter in laws parents house for supper this evening.  Got lots to do around here before we have to go out. 


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Kelly said...

Sounds wonderful Fran. I love hardwood too & hate carpet. Thank you for checking my blog. Things have slowed down in the finishing - I'm itching to get back to it - but injured my hand in a mowing accident - not the blades but hit thick wire and tore up my left pinky - really bad. Oh well - noone said life would be easy. love your dolls.