Monday, August 15, 2011

NEW POST - NEW SITE - Grandson

Hi Everyone,
I just added a new Blog site to my side bar.. It's a great site called La Llorona Studio. Check it out; Adriana is a wonderful artist and a really nice person.  I met her at ADAA conference.  Here's her site addy:     Here's another site for her work.

I'm a bit sad today.  Our grandson Cain is going home today.  We had a wonderful 2 weeks with him. How Time Flies By!!! WAY TOO FAST!!  He had a great time and so did we and rest of the family that lives here in Texas.  He got a bit sun burned. Stayed in the pools too much. LOL!! Him and our other grands are water dogs. :-)     He leaves this evening for home and I know his MOMMY & DADDY ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO HIM COMING HOME.   :-)   I'd keep him if I could. hehehehe!  What grandma wouldn't?????? :-)   He's a SWEETIE and a KEEPER.  

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