Friday, August 26, 2011

My cat "KAT" wanted me to post a picture of him. :-)   He said, I haven't shown y'all a picture of him lately. LOL!!   OOOOOOO! He is a big boy.  He's got pretty green eyes AND yellow eyes.  They change from time to time.  Some times they are yellow/orange and sometimes they are green. Usually around Halloween his eyes are yellow/orange.   He is one big SWEETIE!  He has long fangs and he weighs 34 lbs.  From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail he is 33 inches.  He's My Boy!!! He has BIG Paws to.  He eats Iams diet cat food. He isn't feed alot. He gets a small dish of a morning and a small dish at night.  Thinking about trying him on the new cat food called "BLUE"  After all these years I don't know if he would like that or not.  They say it's his nature to be a big cat no matter what he eats.  I believe that.  Couldn't ask for a sweeter cat. 



jennm1 said...

He's beautiful :)

vicki said...

When I switched off Iamms my cat had a falling down hissy fit because the Blue doesnt have as much fat. Any food that makes a cat demand more is a problem in my book. Good luck and be strong.

vivian said...

hello sweet Kat! so pretty!