Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My life has been very busy for the past several months and longer.  To make a long story short my hubby and I and our cat are moving to Texas.  We have made several trips to Texas this year and it has taken alot of my creating time from me. :-(   BUT it will be worth it when we get moved in and our lives back on track.
As I type we are packing up the house. 

I will have a lap top until I get my computer back online.  WOOOHOOO!!!   Another Jounery begins this weekend.  Of course it will take time to get the new house sit up, etc etc etc.  

I will also be teaching at AFIC  this year.  April, 29 - May 1
Can't wait.  It's a FANTASTIC WONDERFUL CONFERENCE.   Hope to see some of you there.
Lots of wonderful teachers teaching.  Take a look at all the fantastic classes and check out everything that will be going on at AFIC.

Got to get back to packing.  OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My studio is going to be something else to pack up but got lots of help. Thank Goodness.

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Cyndy Sieving- Reporter said...

Please email me Fran, I am trying to get your student list to you and your email bounces