Monday, November 15, 2010


Hubby has been sick and still sick. Took him to the doctor this morning. Got more meds.  I have been working at our perfume shop.  I haven't had a chance to download pictures into my computer.  Maybe tomorrow I will have some time.  I don't have to work at our perfume shop because Shelia (she works for us) will be in tomorrow and Wed.  

I have 3 more hours before I can close the shop. :-)  Don't I sound like I wish the 3 hours would pass by fast?  I do....Really I do. :-)      It's a nice day today. In the 70's and a little windy.  The nights drop down in the mid to high 40's. 

Here comes another customer. More Later
Love & Hugs


flyingbeader said...

Oh Fran, I'm hoping he gets better. My husband is very ill also and it is tough for us to have to go to work while thinking about them all the time. Take

Natalie said...

Hi Fran!
BIG Wave...
Hope Ken is feeling better. I was soooo sick two weeks ago, it lasted until last Friday. Tell him to take it easy and CHILL!!!
Your pictures are Amazing, how wonderful to get away.
When you have a moment, drop me a line so we can catch up.
Thinking of You...