Saturday, November 13, 2010


We arrived home on Thursday night from our vacation cruise and Texas with some of our kids and grandkids.  Hubby got sick and had to go to the ER when we left the cruise and arrived in Texas.  He is doing good now but not 100% yet.  He goes for a follow up with our doctor on Monday.  
Now it's back to Everyday Life.  I worked at our Perfume Shop yesterday.  Today is my birthday.  YES!! I'm 26 years old.  OOOOOOO!!! Don't I wish!!!   As long as my mind thinks I'm 26 years old I will be great!!! hehehehehe!! 

We will have Birthday Cake this evening when family that live here comes over.  My hubby puts ALL of my candles on my cake every year!!  I insist on it.  As long as I can blow all my candles out plus the 2 extra candles (1 to grew on and 1 for good luck) I will know I am in good shape.  HAHAHAHA!! 

Yes, I do have pictures from our cruise and Texas.  Will download them into my computer tomorrow.  Ken has pictures in his camera to download.  Our kids took pictures also.  I plan on posting some tomorrow. RIGHT! Don't HOLD ME TO IT!!! hehehehe!  I will do my best to post some pictures tomorrow.
Love & Hugs


Susan said...

So sorry hubby got sick. Hope his recovery is swift. Happy Birthday and hopes for many, many more!

vivian said...

arhgg!! I missed the chance to wish you a happy birthday!! I do hope you had a wonderful day. maybe you should celebrate it again! anyways.. happy belated birthday.. I hope you have a wonderful, healthy and creative year!