Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm going out of town until Monday Feb. 9th. Going to Florida with my husband to visit family.
I won't have a computer unless some of the family has a computer. :-) I think I shall live if they don't have a computer I can get on. hehehehehe!!!
I'm taking stuff to work on. I have an article to write so that will keep me busy because I'm not a writer. :-) I write the way I talk. :-) I'm taking pattern work with me also; writing my pattern instructions. SEE!! I'm writing again. LOL LOL!!! Pattern directions; I can write. VBG!
Until Feb. 9th or shall I say Until Feb. 10th there won't be any posting from me.
Everyone have a Creative week and will check blogs when I get back.
Love & Hugs


Susan said...

Enjoy your time away!!

vivian said...

Have fun! I'm going to florida in a few weeks myself! see ya when you get back!

Carla said...

Have a good time!! Shame you can't visit us in Florida.