Thursday, June 05, 2008


Well, I haven't posted in awhile. This is what I'm doing...............Been taking my grandson Cain to school and picking him up from school everyday this week. Today is his 10th Birthday. I'm taking cupcakes to his school this afternoon for his Birthday. Ken (grandpa) and I took him to see a movie after school on Tuesday. He's going to have his Birthday cake tonight.

I've been working on lots of things, ordering stuff to sale on my sales table at EDAC in July. Cutting lace, ribbons, seam binding, Tibetan mohair skins getting them all ready to hand dye. I'll be hand dying all of it next week. I've got dolls cut out ready to sew together. I'm writing up my pattern instructions for new doll patterns , pressmolds and printing older doll & pressmold patterns to package. Can't forget to take pictures for the pattern covers. AND THERE'S LOTS MORE besides what I just typed. I WISH I COULD CLONE MYSELF. Hehehehehe! It would be nice. Just think, I could get everything done in a few days and if I cloned 100 of me I could finish in one day. Hehehehehe It surely would be nice if I could BUT reality makes me do it myself. :-) You know a Girl Can Wish!!!!
Well, that is some of what I'm up to. YES there's more but I have to go now.
Everyone have a Fantastic Creating Day!!!
Love & Hugs


vivian said...

Hi Fran! yes, it sounds like you have been busy! I like being busy. I have quite a list of things I should be doing right now, instead of being on the computer!
have fun!!

Susan said...

Hello Frannie, sounds like you are really busy, but fun busy. Thanks for keeping up posted. If you have a minute to spare, hope over and sign up. Hugs from me also.

Susan said...

oops, make that keeping us posted. Sorry for the typo.

Kims Art said...

Hi, I found you from A walk In The Park. I just have to tell you how wonderful your dolls are. I just love all of the color! I have been here for a while going through all your past posts and just really enjoyed the read. You are a very talented lady! I am going back to add you to my links. Have a great day!