Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have my grandson Cain today and he wanted to make a Snowman for his Christmas Tree. He wants to surprise his Mama with his Snowman when she comes and picks him up this evening after work.



MaryO said...

Way to go, Cain!!! Your snowman is really great and I know your mom was surprised to see him! I'll bet you know your Grandmom is VERY proud of you, too!

Carolyn said...

What a handsome young man Cain is and how cute is that snowman ... I love snowmen but they just don't knda go here ... LOL ... Hugz

Anonymous said...

Love this snowman,Cain did a great job his mom will be so pleased!!

Linda Fleming said...

Cain, your snowman is super! That snowman is the cutest ever- and you are even cuter than him!

Kelly said...

Fran, Cain's Snowman is wonderful! I love seeing how much my grandchildren are enjoying crafting. Both of my Daughters love to make things - both different but wonderful and their children are also creative. I also love the snowmen that you've done and your fairies and I could go on and on. Have a very happy, healthy, productive New Year in 2008!

Fran said...

Thank y'all for your nice comments about Cain and his Snowman. Cain says thank you and glad y'all like his snowman. :-)
He loves the comments.
Love & Hugs
Fran & Cain