Thursday, August 23, 2012


Thought I'd post Just A Note this morning.  Sorry, it's been awhile since I've posted anything on my blog.  Been away, had my granddaughter and daughter visiting and been sick with allergies.  It's been weeks since I have felt good BUT I feel much better now. WOOOHOOOO!!  Hopefully I've got the allergies under control now.  I have allergies everywhere I have ever lived.  Maybe I should stuff cotton in my nostrils to keep the pollen out. :-) LOL!

I have and am still working on new dolls.  I am finishing some that I started months (lots of months ago).  I'm going to start on some Halloween and Christmas dolls/snowpeople and others.  That will be later because my hubby and I will be going away for our Anniversary.

My studios are a total mess.  One studio is so piled up with everything I can hardly get in past the door.  After the conference I taught at I was hit with the allergies and just did not feel like putting anything away or work on anything.  SOOOOoooooooo Everything is piled up in that studio just waiting for me to put everything where it belongs.  My other studio is in fairly good shape but still messy with everything laying around as I create. At least I can walk in this studio. LOL LOL!  I have more stuff than I probably will ever use.  AND I keep buying more stuff because I don't have what I need and have to go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby. :-)  Then I see other stuff and think I have to have it also. LOL LOL!!!  I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES THIS. :-)  RIGHT???? :-)

Well, I am going to get off here and finish the piece I've been working on for a couple of days.  I started her sometime ago(months and months ago) and just stopped and went to something else.  I had all the supplies I needed for her but had to stop and do lots of other stuff.  Sooooooooo she got put aside and forgotten about until I pulled her out of my unfinished basket.  I really really love this doll (she's more of a show piece to sit in the house). She's a Fran doll alright.  I guess I should come up with a new word besides doll for her. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm!! Have to think on this one. YES, I will have to turn up my brain for this one.  I'm usually good about coming up with sayings and names but right this minute nothing is coming to me yet.  She's so peaceful to look at but don't want to call her peaceful.  As I finish her she will tell me what she wants to be called. I KNOW DOLL CREATORS ARE LIKE THAT.  RIGHT DOLL CREATORS??????? :-)
More Later & Have A Great Day!


chris mckinley said...

Can't wait to see what name you come up with!!


vivian said...

hi Fran. Glad your allergies are calming down and youre feeling better. My poor husband has them too. no fun! so when you finish the doll youre working on, I hope you will post a picture for us.
Im starting my halloween ornies today!
happy sunday