Monday, July 23, 2012


I haven' t been posting lately because I am really really really busy getting class kits together, Sales stuff made for my sales tables, etc etc.  I always say I'm going to be ready early for teaching and conferences but NO IT NEVER HAPPENS THAT WAY!!  Taking a break right now and going out to supper with hubby and grandson Cain.   THEN BACK HOME to work some more.  It's really not to bad just trying to get lots of stuff finished and packed. It's time comsuming BUT FUN!  I LOVE teaching at conferences and doll clubs.

Just wanted to let everyone know that read my blog I will be working in my studios for the next 3 days and then leave for All Dolls Are Art Conference.  I'll be home July 30th but not sure when I will get a chance to post because our grandson Cain is still with us and he leaves a couple of days after I get home.  Will spend time with him and time putting stuff away. :-)  It will be a fun conference and I'm looking forward to it.

Luv & Hugs


Rhissanna said...

Have a good time at the conference, Fran. It sounds really fun. Take lots of pics and help us share the experience when you get back. I've never been to one so I'm relying on you to tell me what it's like. As for getting everything ready on time, don't worry. People who are always ready in plenty of time are a little weird, like people who are super tidy...

Fran said...

LOL You are sooooooo right. I don't think I have ever been finished packing class stuff until the last few days. Like today .... I'm still packing and am leaving in the morning. LOL I will have everything finished if I have to stay up all night. :-)