Friday, April 08, 2011


I have to do some changes since I have moved to Texas.  I lost my Cox email address SO now I have a new email address  BUT I also have other groups,etc I am/WAS on with my old Cox email.  I have lost all of them and will have to sit down WHEN I have enough time to do so. LOL   I can't even post on my groups because of the old email address is no good.  MMMMMMMM!!  Will take a few long deep breaths and go for it in the next day or so.  

Hubby was in the hospital a few days and he's home doing fine.  Just needs to rest some. Goes back to the doctor on Monday.  Nothing life threatening.  It could have been but thank goodness found out what the problem was and fixed it.  He is feeling much better today.  We went out do take care of a few things.

Moving is a BIG BIG BIG JOB!!!  GOSH! it really takes lot of time to move from one place to another ALONG with unexpected stuff beon your control to pop up during it.  It really could be worst, I'm complaining BUT not complaining also.  I don't know when I ever had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH on my shoulders at one time.  Maybe I feel that way because I'm getting older.  :-)   It will all work out, the good Lord won't put anymore on us than we can stand. At least it really isn't as bad as things could be.  I'm THANKFUL for that.  So now I go and work on everything that needs to get finished (which will take a long while) and do what I have to do. :-)   Our two sons are coming over tomorrow to help with the Dinning Room table and chairs and put my TV stand together to hold the DVD/CD's TV boxes, etc for my Studio.   Got lots more windows in this house so have to go buy some new curtains, etc.  We have window blinds on all the windows so that's nice; no one can see in and then the curtains/drapes will just ad beauty to each room. :-)

I have to go now.  Just wanted to let Y'All know what I'm up to and why I'm not on any of my lists, etc.
Love & Hugs

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vivian said...

Hi Fran!
I havent moved in 26 years.. and hopefully unless we win the lottery will never move again. I figure I'll be here the rest of my life.. hopefully another 40 or 50 years! geez.. I hope my house lasts that much longer!!
hope your hubby is ok and that you get settled soon! will be looking forward to pics of your new place!