Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've been creating some more of my SnowPeople and my Fairy.  I really want to make more but don't think I will have time.  I have to work our Perfume Palace Shop everyday through Christmas starting Saturday.  That's okay, I will just have to create more SnowPeople through out the year. :-)  I love making them and I love making my Fairies.  OH! and I love making all kinds of dolls, etc.  Can you tell, I have lots of dolls, snowpeople, etc. dancing around in my head right now. LOL LOL!!!  

Enjoy looking at my SnowPeople and Fairy.
Love & Hugs,


therose said...

I must say the snow man with the cardinals is my favorite. They look like fun to make.

Rose G
New Windsor MD

flyingbeader said...

Absolutely adorable, Fran

Baja Betty said...

The Snow People are really unique. I like them. Your Fairie is gorgeous.

ruthanne said...

I love your snowpeople Fran. And the Fairy is great too. We have no snow in Florida, so I need a lot of Snowpeople!